Anywhere in England, 1980

The Age, Wednesday 27 August 1980
The Age, Wednesday 27 August 1980

The things you come across when you’re tidying up the house during that lull between Christmas and New Year.

This article about how to read an English scoreboard was part of a four-page supplement previewing  1980 Lords Centenary Test. The main articles, by Age journalist Peter McFarline, previewed the match (‘Repeat of history a 100-1 chance’) and looked back to the very first Test between England and Australia (‘Upstart colonials taught a lesson’).

The supplement also featured stories by Bob Simpson (about a veterans’ centenary game) and Michael Parkinson (about Harold Larwood).

The supplement was found tucked inside a 1977 book called The Illustrated History of Test Cricket, The First Century. Curiously, one of the chapters was ‘One-day international cricket’. Will there ever be The Illustrated History of One Day International Cricket, The First Century? And will it have a small chapter called ‘Test cricket’?


  1. That is not just “anywhere in England”. That is the old Grand Stand at Lord’s, showing India 42 all out in 1974.

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