Dacca, Pakistan, 1959-60

The things you find while cleaning up around the house in that lull between Christmas and New Year.
(Part 3).

You can just make out the words ‘Pakistan’ and ‘Australia’ on the scoreboard, in this image from, once again, The illustrated history of Test Cricket, The First Century (published by Marshall Cavendish, 1977).

You can, with the help of the book’s photo caption, see legendary Pakistani bowler Fazal Mahmood bowling to Australia’s Colin McDonald. On a matting pitch. Mahmood had mesmerised the Australians on his home ‘turf’ in 1956-57. This time, though, Richie Benaud’s team had the better of the hosts, winning two Tests and drawing a third.

These were five-day Tests, and Australia won the second with 12 minutes to spare after Norman O’Neill had made 134  in their first innings and Saeed Ahmed had long delayed Pakistan’s defeat with an innings of 166. The third Test was notable mainly for the presence of the President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower  (page 55)


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