Geeveston, Tasmania


Another of our traveling scoreboard watchers has been to Geeveston – “clearly the chickens know in this instance what KFC stands for,” wrote David Bridie.

GeevestonSmallmainThe old home of the Kermandie Robins.

These photographs were taken by Michael Wearne during his assignment in 2012.
We asked contributors to if they knew anything about it and Mark Duffett provided this…
The main club playing out of Geeveston actually went by the name of nearby locality Kermandie. Unfortunately the seniors went into recess a couple of years ago (2110), the sad end to 127 years of history is partly told here and at


And some more photos by David Bridie…



    • I was there at Kermandie today. Cygnet hosted former TFL club Hobart Tigers in an SFL match down there, won by Hobart by 17 points. Took some great footage of the inner workings of the scoreboard, the numbers are on large wooden wheels.

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