Badgingarra, Western Australia


Badgingarra is 215km north of Perth.

There’s a footy ground but the town does not have a team.

I’ve don’t know of any prominent players who have hailed from Badgingarra and the town doesn’t even rate a mention in A Way of Life: the story of country football in Western Australia.

It’s a pity because the town oval has a very nice scoreboard.

Badgingarra isn’t completely bereft of footy – the Central Midlands Coastal Football League holds committee meetings there – maybe because of its central location.

We’d love to hear from anyone who can tell us about footy in Badgingarra.


  1. I haven’t come across a reference to football there. Nearby towns Cervantes, Dandaragan, Jurien Bay and Moora all field teams, whilst Eneabba (1991) and Leeman (about 10 years ago) no longer support a side.

  2. Thanks Derek
    So that scoreboard remains a mystery.
    We’ve been to Cervantes, Jurien and Leeman.
    This year we’ll take the bus to Dandargan and Moora.

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