Williamstown Cricket Ground, Victoria, 2015

Somewhere in a backroom at the Williamstown Cricket Ground are three signs. One says Overs. Another says Wickets. The third says Runs. But they’ve never been attached to the scoreboard over past summers, so why should this summer be any different?

It doesn’t take long to figure out. Goals equals Overs. Behinds equals Wickets. Points (PTS) equals Runs. We’re sure you’ve seen other examples.

The above score looks like a tie – 94 runs each. But the game was won by the visitors – full name, Lower Plenty – when the home team bowled a leg-side wide.I stuck around waiting for the final score to appear but it seems the scorers were busy enough equating all the details in the official scorebooks.

In a month or so Goals will equal Goals, Behinds will equals Behinds, and Points will equal Points. Or PTS.

Like ships passing in the day cricketers come out to play.
Like ships passing in the day cricketers come out to play.

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