Melbourne University Cricket Ground 2015

The University of Melbourne spent $6.7million on the award-winning Ernie Cropley Pavilion, which was opened in September 2014. Here at Scoreboard Pressure (where, admittedly, our view of the world is somewhat narrow) we can only guess there wasn’t any change leftover for a new scoreboard. Or maybe there are plans for a multi-million scoreboard come the footy season.

During a district thirds quarter final between the home team and Essendon, cricket scores were transmitted by a generic, portable scoreboard propped up on the award-winning seating.

A larger but not necessarily grander scoreboard was under lock and key in a smaller and rather less stately pavilion, down at deep backward square leg. (Or behind the goals in the footy season.)

For the record, the Students won when their star batsman brought up his century and the winning runs with just two overs to go.

View from the portable scoreboard.
View from the portable scoreboard.


Scoreboard Pressure hopes to visit the ground come winter and see what scoreboard/s are on display.

The Ernie Cropley Pavilion

Our previous visit

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