Cocoroc, Victoria

Scoreboard Pressure visited the 10,000 hectare Western Treatment Plant in Werribee recently, partly to learn about sewerage, partly to enjoy the public art installations, but mostly to see what remains of the Cocoroc footy ground, home of the Metro Farm Football Club ( The Herefords, circa 1900 to 1964). And, of course, to see if there  was a scoreboard.


The brief resurrection of The Herefords was, indeed, one of the artworks.  Created by Shane McGrath, On The Outer involved interviewing past players, getting red and white jumpers made for the new ‘team’, making club stubby holders (with the lyrics of the club song), and culminating in a rousing half-time address inside the little changerooms. The audience was actually in the visitors’ rooms, so could hear – quite clearly – the coach’s and players’ exhortations. Alas, we were not privy to seeing the players themselves, except for a glimpse as they played kick-to-kick when our art-tour bus arrived.

The Herefords had a distinct home-ground advantage, given the aroma of the surrounding sewerage farm.

Scoreboard Pressure was not surprised there was no scoreboard (How many defunct clubs and grounds have their scoreboards 50 years on?), but was delighted to see  plenty of black-on-white numbers outside the changerooms. Were these authentic Cocoroc numbers? Or were they made/borrowed for the occasion? We’re  keen to find out.

Goal umpires handing out Hereford stubby holders.
Goal umpires handing out Hereford stubby holders.
Changerooms and run-through banner
Changerooms and run-through banner
Field umpire, and artist, Shane McGrath
Field umpire, and artist, Shane McGrath

Cocoroc (‘frog’) was a township of about 600 people, home for the Metro Farm workers and their families. As well as the footy team, the town boasted two small swimming pools, a town hall and a distinctive bluestone water tower – home, temporarily, to artworks by Megan Evans.

Other artworks at the Western Treatment Plant , for just two days in November, were by  Catherine Bell, Bindi Cole-Chocka, Techa Noble and Spiros Panigarakis.

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Meet Vernon McKane, former Metro Farm footballer, 200 games, three broken noses (who sang the club song on our bus tour!)

Meet Shane McGrath, artist

Visit the Metro Farm Football Club  via video

Western Treatment Plant  



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  1. Hi Vin , I can tell you that the number are originals, they were found in the rooms where they were left following the dismantling of the scoreboard that previously stood on the opposite side if the field from the rooms.
    Shane McGrath

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