Joondalup, Western Australia


In 1994 the West Perth Football Club began a new life in the new far northern suburb of Joondalup. The Falcons were enticed away from Leederville Oval to Arena Joondalup.

ArenaJoondalupSmallFrontThere have been good times since the move including premierships in 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2013 and three other grand final appearances but it hasn’t all been rosy. Attempts to change the club’s name have met with bitter opposition, many old supporters look at the presence of Subiaco and bitter rival East Perth at Leederville and wonder exactly why they left and, perhaps most importantly, the club still finds it hard to make money out of home games.

ArenaJoondalupSmallStandThe Arena is a good place to watch footy and has a big traditional scoreboard. The grandstand honours the club’s two greatest players Bill Dempsey (343 games) and Mel Whinnen (371 games).


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