New Norfolk re-visited, Tasmania

Last we visited the New Norfolk scoreboard – in 2011 –  it was scoreless, so to speak. And had a different sponsor.

A few weeks back, though, the numbers were back in action and the home team was looking good.

These photos were taken by Phil Young, who grew up just a few Peter Hudson flat punts from the ground.

Indeed, the Youngs and Hudsons were neighbours,  a few doors apart.

NN_from Phill 1

Fifty years ago, when VFL recruiters were on the hunt for Hudson they’d have to ring the Young household – Peter’s parents hadn’t had the phone put on yet.

The New Norfolk games drew a good crowd back then. Not so nowadays, but a handful of dedicated faithful fans get along to watch the local action.

NN_from Phill 2_croud down

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