Nangiloc, Victoria

Prime real estate for advertising.
Prime real estate for advertising.

Photo and words by Geoff van Wyngaarden

Nangiloc is  one of six clubs in the Millewa League – a minor league within the Sunraysia area. 

Nangiloc is not far from the Murray River and is a popular holiday area, with general store, farms and a few dozen nearly houses.  

Spelt the other way is the nearby town of Colignan.

The Millewa League is one of the smallest Leagues in Victoria:  six clubs with one football side each (no reserves or juniors) plus a few netball sides. 

The other  clubs are Bambill, Werrimul, Gol Gol, Meringur and Cardross. Nangiloc wear Melbourne colours and are the Demons.

Their scoreboard is a smaller version of most Sunraysia League scoreboards, with lots of advertising.


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