Merbein, Victoria

Photos by Nick Gadd
Photo by Nick Gadd


Midweek in Merbein and things are pretty quiet. But don’t let appearances deceive you.  The Merbein Football and Netball Club has been around for more than a century. These days the Magpies play in the nine-team Sunraysia league, against Mildura, Irymple, Ouyen United and others. This year they’re travelling mid-table, a chance for the finals in the seniors and reserves.

The club has an impressive list of past players, including Adam Goodes, Colin Sylvia, Matthew Knights and Hassa Mann, a Melbourne champion of the 1960s.

Thanks to Nick Gadd for the photos. Nick took time out from his month-long role as writer-in-residence at the Mildura Writers Festival to visit the Merbein ground. Nick usually takes photos, and writes award-winning essays about  ghostsigns. He’s been walking around Melbourne for more than two years, creating Melbourne Circle.



Coming soon to Scoreboard Pressure: excellent story about the scoreboard at Philly Hawks – that’s Philadelphia, USA.

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