Spot the difference 3 – Lauderdale scoreboard, Tasmania

Our graphic design department (head office in Tasmania) visited Lauderdale back in 2014   but were so intent on watching the footy that they forgot to tend to a little scoreboard augmentation.

However they more than made up for it when they recently returned, not only adding a new sponsor to the scoreboard, but three new sponsors on the fence as well. (Two of which are particularly dear to the editors of this humble website.)

Spot the differences between the 2017 work above and 2014 scoreboard below. Cheers.

Lauserdale scoreboard


One comment

  1. Shouldda seen the old one they had up until about 2004 when they put that electronic job in.
    Was a manual one on the side of a white shipping container down in the bottom corner of the ground using numbers that looked like they were from the early 1900s.

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