Spot the difference 2 – New Norfolk, Tasmania

Photo by Phil Young
Photo by Phil Young

Last week we sent our graphic design department (head office in Tasmania) all the way to Joondalup in Western Australia, on a ‘scorebaord augmentation’ assignment: namely, to re-paint the big scoreboard  with some advertising for ourselves.

All went well, until we got the bill! Our accounts department had factored in flights and accommodation and other travel expenses (meals, wardrobe, sunblock…) but hadn’t counted on how much the paint and labour was going to cost.

So this week we sent the team to a smaller scoreboard, and one much closer to home: New Norfolk in Tassie.

And we’re pleased as punch with the result.

Up above you’ll see the old New Norfolk scoreboard, and below you’ll see how, with just a little imagination, it looks now.



  1. True story – my mate’s auntie was a hairdresser in New Norfolk. She claims to have once given Salvador Dali a haircut. My mate said (of course), “oh rubbish, you never”. Got out an art book (he & I were at art school together) and showed her a picture of him. This bloke? “Yes! Spanish. Very nice man.”

  2. This scoreboard was demolished half way through the 2018 season and was replaced by a small and rather difficult to read electronic scoreboard.
    The original board in the picture had stood since around 1977.

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