Glen Waverley, Victoria

When I transferred the photo files from my little black camera to my big black computer box-thingie, the file names started with ‘img-1969’ and ended with ‘img-1982’.

Makes sense, I thought. This big, bulky edifice on Springvale Road might have been built in the late 1960s when a team called Waverley played in a comp called the VFA. And I wouldn’t be surprised if, by 1982 or thereabouts, Waverley’s days were numbered. (Did they ever play Division 1 in the VFA?)

Nowadays Central Reserve (South) is home of the Glen Waverley Hawks in the local eastern suburbs comp.

There aren’t many of these multi-level scoreboards anymore.


  1. Yes, Waverley came into the VFA around 1963 or 1964, as a replacement for Moorabbin, who were kicked out when they gave up their ground to St Kilda. They won the first division flag in 1965.

    This scoreboard was probably built in the late 60s. They built a new grandstand in the early 70s , on the west wing.I think they made another grand final in around 1970, but were struggling by the mid 80s, when many VFA clubs folded.

  2. thanks for the photos of central reserve home of the Richmond Cricket Club trading as the Monash Tigers cc. I would love to see what is under the grandstand as we now use the new pavilion next to the grandstand.

  3. I did this board as a kid for Waverley in their dying days and actually fell from the top level changing a number! (It hurt bad and I was 11)

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