Talbot, Victoria

In an imaginary game at Talbot yesterday, the home team defeated VIS by just two points. Scoreboard Pressure thanks the management of Talbot Recreation Reserve for leaving the scoreboard unlocked, making our research all the more fruitful.

Talbot is about 40 minutes north of Ballarat and about 15 minutes south of Maryborough. Gold- mining country in the 19th century. Wathaurong and Djaddjawurung country forever and a day.

The Hawks’ football and netball teams play in the Maryborough Castlemaine league against Trentham,  Campbells Creek and many others.

In 2012 our work experience boy Michael Wearne visited Talbot… whatever became of him?
Gatekeeper’s office plus modest war memorial.


Tough run up for the bowler


Goalposts and RJ Pryor Indoor Stadium


Home team coaches’ castle


Hawks’ trailer and logo


Hawks’ Big V


Accommodation for fly-in fly out players


Imaginary game


Next ground, driver.




  1. Yes, Vinnie, Talbot’s a nice little town with a terrific Farmers’ Market held in the blocked-off main streets on the 3rd Sunday of every month.
    The locals are hoping for an even greater influx of visitors on a more even spread of days but lack of 2000s sewerage is holding them — and potential developer/builders — back.
    Although in the FIFO players’ (or should that be workers’) area pictured in your report the toilets were working just fine on our last visit.
    Incidentally the Talbot Hawks were a power club in the Maryborough Castlemaine DFL. They won four-in-a-row 1995-95 and saluted again in 2001.
    The 14-club MCDFL has been under all sorts of investigations and talks this summer as some clubs discuss leaving and nearby outfits from other leagues, such as Clunes, discuss their options.
    The three ex-Lexton Plains league clubs in Navarre, Natte Bealiba and Lexton itself have been extremely prominent in the MCDFL since joining. Navarre has also won four-in-a-row MCDL flags in the late 2000s.

    • Thanks Richard. Much appreciated. While I was in Talbot I visited Helen Green at Slightly Bents Books, whom I knew from her days in Williamstown. It was a treat to see Helen again and to see the Talbot footy ground for the first time. Cheers.

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