Meredith and Elaine, Victoria

Meredith and Elaine are sisters. They grew up together near Geelong and live just a few kilometres from each other on the Geelong-Ballarat Road.

Meredith is well-known for her music festivals. Elaine, the quiter sibling, is less well known.


One day I’ll learn how to hold a camera properly.

Meredith’s Pioneer Park has three scoreboards. Elaine had none that we could find. But, then again, the gates were closed. And the clubrooms and all the shipping containers were locked. Unlike Meredith it was not a game day.

One day I’ll figure out how to take action photos.

Meredith’s footy team is known as The Crocs. It is not known if their footwear is rubbery sandals. Meredith’s cricket team is known as the Rams. Do The Crocs ever play the Rams in social matches?

Elaine may have a cricket team. It may still have a footy team. Hard to tell. Gates were closed. But it has a bell. And I got to ring Elaine’s bell.

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