Beaufort, Victoria

Who was Don George, and what has become of his clock?

We presume Don was (is?) a legend, a doyen of the Beaufort Football & Netball Club. Maybe he was the scoreboard attendant. Maybe he was the timekeeper. Maybe he was both, and much more. Boot studder, gatekeeper, president, full forward, barman, coach…

After all, it’s not everyday a footy club dedicates a clock to someone. And puts a sign on the scoreboard so that everybody knows about it.

So, what has become of the clock? Was it stolen, or is  it only ever on display when the scoreboard is in action, when there’s a game, when there’s a crowd of locals who can recall Don George and what he means to Beaufort?

High security.


Beaufort, population 1002,  is in south-west Victoria. Nowadays the Crows play in the Central Highland League, where they have had some very near misses recently. Two of their most famous sons are the Adelaide Crows’ Brad and Matt Crouch.

More history via

Photos by unpaid intern John Darcy.





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