Disappointment Oval, Ballarat, Victoria

Disappointment Oval, in the City of Ballarat, has a grand grandstand. Heritage-listed, no doubt.

Disappointment Oval has a cute caravan. For faithful fans of Redan.


It has neat netball courts. Symmetrical, as one would expect.


It has nice entrance gates.


It has history. Heaps of it.

It has light towers.

Scoreboard? It has this bland electronic board hidden underneath this bland rollerdoor. Very, very disapponting.


Fortunately, my colleague, professional photographer Eric Algra, took a photo of the previous scoreboard at City Oval a few years ago. Thank you Eric.



    • Agree, John, but embarrassed to say I don’t know the quote. The CEO of the company that made the new scoreboard at City Oval contacted Scoreboard Pressure and, good naturedly, expressed a tinge of disappointment with my description of the board as bland. No doubt the new board is very capable, but does it reflect any of the sense of history of City Oval?

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