Religious Oval, St Patrick’s College, Ballarat

Visiting St Patrick’s College Oval provided a quandary. Does Scoreboard Pressure support elite, private education? Does Scoreboard Pressure endorse Catholic education? Has it changed since the production editor’s experiences in Geelong in the 1970s? What do private school scoreboards look like?

At first blush, the main oval at St Patrick’s appeared inaccessible. Gates locked. High fences. But it was Easter Monday morning. There wouldn’t be too many people around. And there was a driveway around a corner that happened to be open…

This pavilion is ‘Dedicated to THE UNSUNG HEROES  1ST XVIII  Teams’.  I would have thought the unsung heroes would be the players in the seconds and thirds. Apparently not. Unless they mean the unsung heroes of the 1ST XVIII, such as the dour defenders, the kids who spend most of the time on the bench, the players who do all the one-percenters but never pick up the best and fairest votes, the kids who are not the captain, the vice-captain or any part of the leadership group, the kids who go unnoticed except for dedicated parents, the kids who know they’ll never be stars, the kids who cut up the oranges, the kids who do the scoreboard, the kids who know they’ll never get the prettiest girl or guy, the kids who know life’s harder than it looks, even if you’ve got the luxuries of a private school education.

…Where was I?


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  1. A footballing day at St Pat’s is often a hectic affair. But all looks quite serene here. Timing can be everything, for those sung, or unsung.

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