Devenish re-visited, Victoria

My better half (by far) was keen to check out the silo art on the back roads behind Benalla. I checked to see  if there were any footy grounds nearby before agreeing, ever so reluctantly, to hop in the Tarago and explore the countryside.

The last time Scoreboard Pressure visited Devenish it was courtesy of our north-east Victorian correspondent Wayde Petersen, back in 2013. Wayde  found the ground in a state of disrepair – especially the scoreboard and timekeepers’ room.

Photo by Wayde Petersen, 2013



Devenish were known as The Barbers and sang a club song favoured by more than a few clubs.


The Devenish jumper was, yep, red and white stripes.


View from what’s left of the scoreboard.


Rusty days.


Silo art is bringing people into town. ‘Was even a coffeee cart/van doing good business.


Main street. Midday.

See also: Wayde Petersen’s photos from his visit in 2015.

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