Perenjori, Western Australia


There was excitement in the air when I visited Perenjori in February. The cricket team had made the grand final for the first time 20-something years. It was a key topic of conversation in the pub that night. Turns out hey didn’t win the premiership but there was value in the anticipation.


I liked the sign in the visitors’ changerooms forbidding kicking or handballing footballs and thought this ruling from the Shire of Perenjori would certainly advantage the home team. Unfortunately the same applied inside the home rooms so the authorities were just looking after their facilities.


Football has been played in Perenjori since the 1920s, initially the team was part of the Perenjori-Morawa Football Association that merged with the North Midlands Football League in 1964. The name lives on in the MNFL as the Carnamah-Perenjori Roos. The merger with the northern neighbour happened in 1995.


The scoreboard is a simple, solid structure. The lack of advertising suggests it’s not gazed upon much these days.



  1. You reckon that decision by the Shire Of Perenjori forbidding the kicking and handballing of footballs in the clubrooms may have caused some heated debate amongst council officers. “What about our pre-match warm-up?” To which the local maintenance crew would have replied “What about the broken windows and the holes in the plaster? Every bloody season!” As for the sign itself. I shall defer to graphic designer par excellence Chris Rees for his educated opinion.

  2. Any hand-painted sign gets a lot of grace from me when it comes to layout (or grammar). I like the surprise big K in the middle of kicKing. I could quibble about the margins being a bit meagre. But I understand how it goes. Yer shire clerk gets his knickers in a twist about something, ya fish a bit of tin out of the skip and unfold it, paint it black and off ya go. Not your fault the letters need to be big but the tin is only small, is it?

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