Scoreboard reminders


“Take a look at the scoreboard pal.”

I’m not sure what the women say. “Sis?” “Champ?” “Gal?”

It’s the ultimate put-down for an annoying opponent – when you’re in front and there’s no way they’re coming back. And it’s always accompanied by a finger pointing at the scoreboard and the story it tells.

Can’t say I’ve seen it that much in recent years. But it happened twice in the round two AFLW match between Fremantle and Brisbane. Captain Kara Donnellan reminded an in-your-face last quarter goal scorer of the futility of her efforts and Ashley Sharp (pictured) suggested a niggling visitor should take note of the Fremantle Oval scoreboard.

We welcome all efforts to give scoreboards the attention they deserve.

One comment

  1. Hopefully the Melbourne Stars didn’t do the same when they were 0-93 against the Renegades in Sunday’s BBL final, Les. People/teams can be bitten on the bum very quickly, as the Stars soon found out. A great AFLW photo, though.

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