TCA Ground, 1911. Hobart, Tasmania

Thanks once again to Michael Turner,  for this expert detective work in tracking down, via YouTube and the National Film & Sound Archives, glimpses of the TCA scoreboard (built in 1907)  in a 1911 gameof footy  between Cananore and North Launceston.

In the brief footage you’ll see a close-up of part of the scoreboard at  2 minutes 10 seconds. Thereafter, for the next minute and 10 seconds it is in the distance. In the first minute or so of the footage you’ll see plenty of hats and grandstands!

The National Film & Sound Archive states: These film fragments represent the earliest known surviving moving images of Tasmanian Australian Rules football action, filmed in 1911.

Courtesy of National Film & Sound Archive


See also: TCA Ground, 1976

One comment

  1. That old scoreboard lasted up until the end of 1982 when it was pulled down after Hobart Football Club stopped playing home games at the TCA as part of the TANFL’s ground rationalisation plans at the time (trying to pretend like they were a mini Melbourne again) and they moved to KGV Oval for several years.
    Hobart played three home games there again in the mid-1990s and moved back there permanently in 1998 when they exited the TFL Statewide League and joined the SFL.
    The football scoreboard sat just along from the large cricket scoreboard, for whatever reason, the cricket scoreboard was never, ever used for football matches.
    Given the relationship between the TANFL and the TCA and its dominant tenant, the HGRC (greyhound racing), at the time, they were probably blocked from using it.

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