Forrestdale, Western Australia


The Ron Brown memorial scoreboard at William Skeet Oval stands out like a beacon. It caught my eye often on drives down Armadale Road, often in pursuit of a scoreboard elsewhere. I dropped in post-season last year to take some photos and vowed to get there for a game in 2019.

I found a parking spot on the scoreboard wing side of the oval and approached from behind the board surprised there seemed to be no attendants on duty while the C4 Perth Football League game was going on. There was no score on the board.


Then I noticed the operational manual scoreboard opposite among the spectators, at ground level. So maybe someone donated the new board. One that only shows the total points. Or maybe the club couldn’t find someone willing to venture away from the crowd to attend to a scoreboard in its rightful place where the majority of spectators can see it. It’s a puzzle.



William Skeet is the home of the Forrestdale Falcons.

Note 1: Forrestdale is named after WA’s first premier John Forrest (hence the spelling).

Note 2: The West Australian Amateur Football League is undergoing a name change to Perth Football League.

Note 3: One the Bayswater players had the digit 0 on his back. Haven’t seen that before.

Note 4: Forrestdale kicked the first three goals in this game but lost by two points.


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