Spotswood, Victoria 1937

This 1937 image is from the 2012  book ‘Recollections of Early Spotswood, The Spotswood Football Club & Donald McLean Reserve’ by Roy Picone. That’s Roy on the far left, aged 9. Roy played  the first of his 80 senior games for Spotswood in 1948. In the late 1950s and early 1960s he coached junior teams to nine Grand Finals and six premierships.

The scoreboard above was replaced by a less attractive structure in 1982. It had the benefit, though, of providing shelter and servicing adjoining ovals.

Roy was made a life member way back in 1964. The ‘Little House On The Prairie’  lasted 20 years and was replaced by the Roy Picone Sports Pavilion in 2004.

A big win in 2011.
Pockets. You gotta have pockets.

Spotswood’s past players include VFL/AFL stars Callan Ward, Bachar Houli, Charlie Sutton, and Fred Goldsmith.

See also Spotswood, 2011

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