Deniliquin, New South Wales

Four-quarter scoreboard! Or four-game scoreboard? See Wayde Petersen’s comments at the end of this post.


Photos by Jesse Maskell.

Two scoreboards. One perhaps retired. Maybe both. They don’t do things by Harv in Deniliquin.


A third scoreboard?




Four wheels on a gravel road.


The Deni Rams play in the Murray Football League, on the New South Wales/Victoria border. Riverina country. Sheep country. Formed in 1933, they’ve won plenty of flags over the years.Their most famous player is a chap called Barry. Leo Barry. Took a decent mark a few years back in a Grand Final. 2005.

The Deniliquin Pastoral Times recently reported:

Deniliquin’s Leo Barry has added yet another honour to his storied AFL career, being named as part of the Greatest New South Wales team of all-time….

A Deniliquin Rams junior, Barry completed Years 7 to 10 at Deni High before the Swans drafted him in 1994.

He completed his senior high school years boarding at Saint Ignatius College in Riverview.


  1. About the Deni Rams’ ground. They now use a digital scoreboard that’s attached to a trailer & they only bring it out during games (they park it right next to the old scoreboard).

    The 1, 2, 3 & 4 manual scoreboard, (which does not get used anymore) is for each grade of football in the Murray League (4ths = Under 14’s, 3rds = Under 17’s, 2nds = Reserves & 1sts = Seniors) & the scoreboard on top of the timekeepers box, is digital and functional, but it only tells the goals & behinds.

    The Hardinge St. ground is built on a natural bowl shape, has good facilities, heaps of parking & the ground itself is close to 190 metres from end to end, making it one of the biggest grounds in local footy.

    I did the goal umpiring there on Good Friday (at the Deniliquin Vs Finley match), but I didn’t take any photos.

    Wayde Petersen.

  2. I forgot to mention about that game on Good Friday that I umpired, one of Deni’s gun defenders, John Anstee was on call in his job as a vet (he’s on call one weekend per month).

    Sadly, a dog got bitten by a brown snake & he got called out in the middle of the game to treat it. Luckily the dog’s owners knew it was a brown snake & John was able to treat the snakebite quickly as he had the anti venom handy.

    Then, he was able to play in the last quarter, played well in defence & the Rams 🐏 had a come from behind win against the Finley Cats 🐱 .

    Also, the Rams hold the record for the most goals scored by one player in a season (including finals), Trevor Sutton kicked 249 goals in 1982.

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