Belmont, Forster Park, Western Australia


Let’s start by pointing out that Forster Park in actually in Cloverdale. But it’s now the home of the Belmont Bombers and the scoreboard shouts “BELMONT” – so we’ll go with Belmont.


The George “Toby” Tobias memorial scoreboard is a classic. On our visit the scoreboard attendant was Kerro who looks like he’s been doing the job for years but has actually done a bit of everything in recent times including boundary and goal umpiring.


As we approached the scoreboard Kerro’s attention was on an opposition player lining up for goal. “Chewy on ya boot!” he yelled, “Look out for the chewy on ya boot.” The shot missed. Kerro is an attentive attendant, following the game closely, encouraging the Bombers, putting up the score quickly.


At one point a passing spectator asked Kerro to look after a dog. Straight away the Bombers went on scoring spree and Kerro tied the dog to the scoreboard. “Talk about scoreboard pressure,” he said, “what about scoreboard attendant pressure.”


Belmont has been a good source of players for Perth in the WAFL and beyond with recent products including Fremantle champion Michael Johnson and current Magpie and former Docker Chris Mayne.


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