Lara, Victoria.

It had been some years since I visited the Lara footy grounds near Geelong, with the pretty backdrop of the You Yangs. Back in 2011.

The old Lara scoreboard is the only one I’ve seen with a school-crossing directly behind it. Given my current part-time employment as a Lollipop Man, the red and white poles caught my eye.  (I am now considering asking for a transfer to Lara.)

The scoreboard was unlocked and, after waiting a few minutes for a nearby council worker to finish his lunch and drive away, I climbed the steps to paradise. Okay, so it was a bit dusty and musty and messy and unloved and maybe it hadn’t been used for a while but it was nice to be amongst old friends –  numbers and nameplates that might see the light of day again, if the electronic scoreboard blows a fuse.


Electronic scoreboard to the right!


Cricket scoreboard on the second oval.


How many full-forwards get their bearings via greyhound advertising when they’re lining up for goal?


Lara Sporting Club – footy, cricket, netball, baseball.