Lara, Victoria.

It had been some years since I visited the Lara footy grounds near Geelong, with the pretty backdrop of the You Yangs. Back in 2011.

The old Lara scoreboard is the only one I’ve seen with a school-crossing directly behind it. Given my current part-time employment as a Lollipop Man, the red and white poles caught my eye.  (I am now considering asking for a transfer to Lara.)

The scoreboard was unlocked and, after waiting a few minutes for a nearby council worker to finish his lunch and drive away, I climbed the steps to paradise. Okay, so it was a bit dusty and musty and messy and unloved and maybe it hadn’t been used for a while but it was nice to be amongst old friends –  numbers and nameplates that might see the light of day again, if the electronic scoreboard blows a fuse.


Electronic scoreboard to the right!


Cricket scoreboard on the second oval.


How many full-forwards get their bearings via greyhound advertising when they’re lining up for goal?


Lara Sporting Club – footy, cricket, netball, baseball.

One comment

  1. Great bunch of photos of the Lara footy ground and scoreboards. Really like the fact that Lara have the names of the visiting teams to put on their scoreboard. Be great if every country team would do the same.

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