Wyndham, Western Australia



Our effort to get a photo of the scoreboard at Wyndham is clear example of the dedication and desperation within the scoreboardpressure team. Recently we found ourselves on a bus from Wyndham to Kununurra and, on the way out of town, noticed the footy ground and, of course, the scoreboard. The town also has a racecourse.


There was great anticipation later that afternoon as the bus returned to Wyndham. We held back the curtain and fired three shots as we passed the oval. One is the classic back-of-the-scoreboard image (above), the others show not much at first glance but on closer inspection you may be able to see a goal post and the legs of the scoreboard.


Wyndham is the most northerly town in the Kimberley and was founded in 1886. Footy has been around in some form or another for a long time with early games played on a ground that was, more or less, mud.

The Port Wyndham Crocs now play in the East Kimberley Football League – it’s grand final day tomorrow at Kununurra but the Crocs won just one game in 2019 so they won’t be there. However there was plenty for Wyndham footy fans to be proud of when local product Jason Carter made his AFL debut for Fremantle at Perth Stadium in the win over Geelong late in the season.

Jason Carter playing for Peel earlier this season. Photos by Les Everett.

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