Footscray Hockey Centre, Kingsville, Victoria

The pedestrian/cycling path over the eight-lane freeway was closed so I had to take the detour underneath the railway bridge and alongside two sporting fields. Footscray Hockey Centre. (The Bulldogs, surprise, surprsie.)Yarraville Soccer Club. (The Glory) I’d been pedalling rather aimlessly into the headwind anyway, so why not take in some hockey?

With one minute left in the first stanza (quarter? quartet? half? verse?) I pointed the camera, zoomed, hoped and clicked. The scoreboard came to life about 10 minutes later. There was a dull thud of hockey ball on hard timber (heard above the traffic and the roadworks on the eight-lane freeway), an immediate cheer, and Footscray were 1-0 in the second quarter (half? verse? stanza?).



For @4boat/Chris Rees

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