Lakeside Oval, South Melbourne. About 50 years ago

Lou Richards, John Mahon, Bob Skilton, Ron Casey. Lakeside Oval, South Melbourne. | [HSV 1323] Negative, black and white (Photography) | Negative by Laurie Richards | Laurie Richards Photographic Collection, purchased 1991. | Performing Arts Collection

I stumbled across this photo via something called Facebook. A group called World of Sport Ch7 TV Show has this pic as its header image. It also has a  post that credits the photographer, Laurie Richards, and the source, the  Australian Performing Arts Collection.

The Champion Kick Award was part of the Sunday morning Channel 7 Melbourne program World of Sport, hosted by Ron Casey.

I’m now on the lookout for images of the judges (Bruce Andrews and others) holding up their scores – got a sneaking suspicion that their numbers might have been from the Lakeside Oval scoreboard. (Images of that scoreboard have been hard to find too.)

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