Robe, South Australia

Robe is a coastal holiday town in south-east South Australia. Near Kingston SE. Near the Coorong. Not far from Penola and Naracoorte. Footy, cricket, netball, tennis, golf and the cemetery are all gathered together in a corner not far from the cliff-faces that look out to the Southern Ocean.

The Roosters play in the Mid South East Football League, where they won a cliff-hanger of a Grand Final in 2018.  More details via the Australian Football site.

Anybody out there know what ‘KYBY’ means? Write to PO Box Scoreboard Pressure.


Teen spirit.


Abandoned cricket nets? Or just poorly-maintained?



  1. What is interesting is that robe plays in the mid se however the two name plates displayed are for teams not in that league – Naracoorte and Kybybolite play in the kntfl…

  2. Thanks to Kerry for following info:

    ‘Kyby’ is the abbreviation used on the scoreboard for the team from Kybybolite.
    Just a side note – the 2020 Brownlow Medalist Lachie Neale – started his football career at Kybybolite football club.

  3. Great site everyone. The great Jimmy Jess and his son came to Robe and played together at one stage (I think).

    Yes Kybybolite – spent many hours at their oval as a kid – wonderful memories watching the Tiges play.

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