Junction Oval, 12 August, 1961

St Kilda 12.19 (91) defeated Richmond 0.8 (8). Junction Oval, 12 August, 1961.

Rusted on St Kilda fans will know this date and this score by heart.  Richmond fans? Well, maybe not.

It was the last time a VFL/AFL team had not scored a goal in an entire game.

Richmond’s best quarter was its second, when it kicked four points.

St Kilda

5.5.35 9.9.63 12.15.87 12.19.91


0.0.0 0.4.4 0.5.5 0.8.8

You’ll find lots more details (including line-ups of both teams, and St Kilda’s goalkickers) at afltables.com

The old Junction Oval scoreboard was in good condition when we first took photos in 2011 but it’s looking a little sad and sorry these days. Hopefully the recent re-vamp of the ground still has some funds for restoration.

The new Junction Oval scoreboard is very flash, and very informative.

Thanks to afltables.com for info at our fingertips.

Thanks to Michael Turner for sending us the 1961 photo.  “It comes from a single photocopied sheet which I’ve had lying around for at least 20 years. Looks like it’s from a St Kilda Football Club publication post-1966.”


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