Preston City Oval, Victoria

2014. National Inclusion Carnival.

When will this scoreboard see action again?

The Northern Blues Football Club (originally The Preston Football Club) is a victim of cost-cutting at The Carlton Football Cub, due to the corona virus.

The two clubs announced yesterday:

The Carlton Football Club and the Northern Blues have today been forced to make the incredibly difficult decision to dissolve their partnership.

The Covid-19 situation has decimated the AFL industry, with this sad reality meaning that the alignment between the two clubs is no longer financially viable in its current format.

The impact of these circumstances has meant that the Carlton Football Club is no longer in a position whereby it could financially support the operations of the Northern Blues.

More details.

While the club has its earliest beginnings back in 1882, the name Preston was used to identify the area in 1885 and later used to name the Preston Football Club.

Preston Football Club played in the VJFA and used its current ground, which at that time was known as Preston Park (Preston City Oval). The club later joined the VFA in 1912 where it remained for many years.

The name “Bullants” is thought to have first been used in the late 1930s when they were referred to as “like a swarm of busy bullants”.

More details.

Here’s hoping the Northern Blues/Bullants rise again.

Some famous Preston names. Ray Shaw. Harold Martin. Neil Jordan.




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