Dice Footy

Last year’s AFL Grand Final in the parallel universe of Dice Footy.

Dice Footy is easy. One dice for goals. One dice for behinds. Pen and paper. Two teams.

First roll of the dice is for first quarter score for the home team. Second roll of the dice is first quarter score for the away team. Eight rolls of the dice. Game done.

Minimum score is 4.4 (28). Maximum score is 24.24 (168). Odds of getting either of those scores rather high.

You can play a game in 10 minutes, a round in an afternoon, a season in a week or two.

You can play AFL, WAFL, SANFL, AFLW, Tassie leagues, local leagues.

You can make up your own teams, your own leagues.

Our industrious colleagues at The Footy Almanac have just launched their own dice footy league.  Take a look. Their scoring is a little more sophisticated/complicated than the examples here at Scoreboard Pressure. All part of the fun.

A local derby down Geelong way.


  1. I never played dice football, but I’m reminded of a similar game we played in high school – pencil cricket.
    Take a standard, hexagonal, grey lead pencil and mark each of the pencil sides with a 1, 2, 3, 4, X, and 6. Now you’re padded up and ready to play.
    The bowler rolls the pencil and if a numeral appears, you’ve just hit some runs. (Shot!). If the X appears (Howzat!) you’ve just lost your opening wicket and first drop come to crease to face the next pencil delivery. This continues until all 10 wickets fall (eleven, of ‘last man gets his tucker’) and your opponent’s team comes to the crease.
    Pencil cricket was such a hit in our geography class I still don’t know the difference between ingenious, metabolic and sedentary rocks.

    • Thanks Swish. ‘Enjoyed reading about your version of Dice Cricket. In a nationwide survey* of men about my age I was surprised to learn some blokes had never heard of Dice Footy. (*A bloke from WA, a bloke from Tassie , and three blokes from around the corner, up the street, across the railway line.) They all looked at me blankly. As if I was stupid. Same thing I guess. Cheers.

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