1970 VFL Grand Final. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Victoria

Image via afl.com.au

Inspired by a recent Twitter post by TonyC1963, we’ve put together a small collection of photos from the 1970 VFL Grand Final, won by Carlton after being 44 points behind Collingwood. No, you won’t see Jezza’s mark here. Or Ted Hopkins kicking his four second half goals. Or Ron Barassi triumphant. Or Bob Rose disconsolate. You’ll see numbers. And some action.

TonyC1963 posted the above pic, noting that this is the moment when Collingwood first held a 44 point lead: eight minutes into the second quarter and Peter McKenna evades Kevin Hall for a left foot goal to make the score Collingwood 7.11 (53) to Carlton 1.3 (9). Both teams kicked another 3.2 for the quarter, leading to the famous 44 point half-time margin.

Image via blueseum.org

This photo of the boundary line scoreboard is fairly early in the final quarter. Collingwood have added one goal to their three-quarter time score to be 14.16 (100), Carlton just two points, to be 12.7 (79). The scoreboard attendant, dressed in blue, looks pretty relaxed.

Ian Robertson in the clear on the Collingwood forward-line. Image via Gezza 1967 YouTube

Several photos are from the eight minute highlights clip on  Gezza 1967 YouTube

Twenty minute mark. Final quarter.


Jezza snaps, but missses.
Blues hit the front. Twenty-five minute mark.


Final siren. Carlton by 10 points.Nine goal turnaround.


Symmetry. Carlton’s John Nicholls, Collingwood’s Graeme Jenkins. And Adrian Gallagher ready for the crumbs. Image via blueseum.org



Okay, so you do get to see Jezza and Ted Hopkins, but only because there’s a scoreboard too. Image via blueseum.org


1970 Grand Final scoreboard
Image courtesy of blueseum.org

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