The building of the Bellerive scoreboard

Scorers’ room. Not a bad view.

Electronics engineer Graeme Smith, formerly of TecnoVISION, shows us a little of  how the current scoreboard at Bellerive Oval in Hobart was built.

The interior of the screen is a submarine type environment with the LED modules on the left and the air conditioning on the right. The air conditioners were fitted with 6 micron filters due to the closeness of  salt water.

Control room for the scoreboard.


The control room is to the far right of this pic, diametrically opposite the room of the official scorers.


The previous scoreboard. May 2004
The current scoreboard on 23 March 2007, when Tasmania won its first Sheffield Shield. Photo courtesy of Marcus Nicholls.

The screen of the scoreboard is 18.2 wide and 6.2 high, giving a viewing area of 112.84 square metres. The scoreboard cost $1.7million.

Graeme Smith is the founder of the newly-formed Australian Scoreboard Association.

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