Condingup, Western Australia

IMG_1791 (1)

The Condingup Community Oval was looking pretty lush on our recent visit but it has seen better days. The name lives on in the Esperance District Football Association but Condingup merged with Newtown in 2006 and games are played at Newtown, closer to Esperance.

IMG_1794 (1)

Condingup is about 70km east of Esperance in that strange patch of WA that was left alone until the 1960s when it was taken up by American agricultural interests including Art Linkletter (Kids Say The Darndest Things).


The scoreboard is looking a little ragged but it has big bold number plates suggesting it’s done its job well over the years. I was able to put up a nice winning score for Newtown-Condingup over the visitors.

IMG_1793 (1)


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