The Waverley Park Mystery

Much has been said (and blogged and tweeted and texted) about Waverley Park/VFL Park over the years.

And much of that has been about the famous (infamous?) 1982 monochrome video matrix scoreboard, installed 12 years after the ground opened in 1970.

Image via @VFLPark Twitter account

But what of the ground’s original scoreboard?

What did it look like? What became of it? Who built it?

Lawrence Elkin was an electronics trades apprentice more than 50 years ago.

“I worked for a company called Astronetics that built the original light bulb score board at Waverley Park,” he told Scoreboard Pressure last week.  “I remember building the scoreboard in panels that were delivered and then erected on site.

“One of the technicians from Astronetics, a chap called George, use to oversee the running of the scoreboard every game in case there were any technical problems.

“But I cannot find any history regarding Astronetics, apart from a company in America with the same name.”

John Carr’s @VFLPark Twitter account includes this 1990 pic of a smaller scoreboard at Waverley Park.

“The scoreboard I helped to build,” Lawrence said, “was similar to this. Very much so. But George and I, and our colleagues, built the main scoreboard.”

Can you help us solve The Waverley Park Mystery? Do you have pics or info about the ground’s original scoreboards?

You can make a comment below, or via the contact box, or by emailing editor Vin: vmaskell(at)


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