Waverley Park – progress score

Our inquest for pics and info about the original scoreboard/s at Waverley Park has turned up a few treasures, courtesy of Richard Burn on Twitter (@FranklyRB_1).

Richard responded to our previous post about Waverley Park, which was prompted by an enquiry from Lawrence Elkin, who helped build the original main scoreboard when he was an electronics trades apprentice 50 years ago.

Image from The West Australian 18 April 2020


My guess is that there’s probably a Waverley Park enthusiast out there somewhere who has all that we need to know in a  lovingly-tended scrapbook. Everything.  And the historian has probably never heard of something called the internet – which can be a good thing – so we may never get the full story. So it goes.

World Series Cricket bankroller Kerry Packer making sure the original scoreboard is part of publicity pic.


See also: Pinterest

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