South Barwon Reserve, Victoria

Ross Abraham adjusts his team’s score during the South Barwon run chase.

There are three different types of cricket scoreboards at South Barwon Reserve in Geelong and as you meander your way through the photos here it won’t be hard to guess which is truly aligned to the goals, values and mission statement here at Scoreboard Pressure. (We love goals, values and mission statements. Can’t get enough of them.)

We caught some action on a windy, rainy Sunday and focussed our attention on the Fourths’ 45 over game between South Barwon and Leopold.

The South Barwon Fourth XI were in deep trouble at 2/10 but a 50 run partnership got them on track before falling short by only three runs. Full scorecard.

Scoreboard for turf game.


Scoreboard for Marshall Cricket Club.






BMX track.


A wicket falls. The fielding team celebrates. 1.5 metres apart, everyone.


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