Geraldton, Greenough Oval, Western Australia


We’ll begin by pointing out that the Greenough Oval is not in Greenough it’s in Geraldton. Greenough is 20km south and a must-see for those with a taste for history (or Devonshire teas).


And that’s not the only naming puzzle at this place – home of one of the most powerful clubs in the Great Northern Football League. A club that won the 2019 premiership and counts Paddy Ryder, Chris Mainwaring and Harry Taylor as past players.


The name of the club? Well, let’s just imagine a post-COVID world and the first thing the club decides to do is bring in a marketing expert to – in the words of a mythical club president: “… reposition the club going forward. But we’ll stay at Greenough. Oval, I mean.”

“Hi, my name’s Siimon and to start off I’m just going to go around the room, I’ll call a name from the list I have here and you tell the name of the your club.

“Right, um Gutsa?” Rover Football Club, mate.

“Thank you. Horse?” Rovers.

“Ok. Emu?” The Demons.

“And, Tugga.” The Greenough Demons cobber, says so on the scoreboard.

“Wonderful. Now I have something to work with.”


The Rover Football Club has been around since 1904 and moved to Greenough Oval in 1976. Our photos were taken in February 2020. We applaud the decision to leave the grand final score – we don’t know what happened to the 3.


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