Melbourne Cricket Ground, 1956 Olympics

The 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in London are over. This photo shows the Melbourne Cricket Ground scoreboard on the closing day of the 1956 Olympics. The wording at the top of the scoreboard says:

‘The 1956 Olympic race is run. May all who have been present go forth to their homelands and may the Olympic spirit go with them.’

The wording on the left of the scoreboard reads: ‘Melbourne the Olympic city bids you farewell and bon voyage. Good luck Rome.’

Photo reproduced with the permission of the Keeper of Public Records, Public Record Office Victoria, Australia.

You’ll find thousands of  1956 Olympic photos (including quite a few types of scoreboards) at the wonderful National Library of Australia website Trove. Here are just a few to whet the appetite:

Footy at the Olympics

Brass band and scoreboard

Flag lowering

Richard Nixon, cricketer 


You’ll also find a history of the MCG scoreboard right here at Scoreboard Pressure.


  1. Great stuff Vin. Just intrigued, was the scoreboard altered for the 1956 Olympics? It looks like the numbers are digital or something? Nice work

    • Yes, John, it does look like the MCG scoreboard went digital and/or electronic for the Olympics, doesn’t it? But then, seemingly, reverted to the old ways afterwards. Maybe it was all too futuristic for staid old Melbourne.

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