Bush Footy scoreboard, NT


The Dockers always beat the “Mapies” on the wall at my place. I bought this painting by Utopia artist Josie Kunoth Petyarre at her exhibition Bush Footy at the Mossenson Gallery in Collingwood in 2009. The gallery was on the aptly named Derby Street but has since closed.

In the full painting a Docker is putting one straight through the hi-diddle-diddle* so the margin is about to go out to 13 points – it’s all over.

Josie’s latest exhibition Sweet Dreams in on now at the Mossenson Gallery, 115 Hay Street in Subiaco and runs until 28 February.

Click for more information on Sweet Dreams.

*Translation: for those who don’t speak old footy ‘hi-diddle-diddle’ means middle as in the ball going right between the goal posts for a sausage roll (goal).

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