Backyard scoreboard, suburban Australia

A big win back in '93.
A big win back in ’93.

Victorian Football Association

Round 2  1993

24th April

Werribee 36-17-233

Coburg 15-7-97

A very big win for Werribee over Coburg – who back then were, as they are now again, the Lions. (They were the Coburg Tigers when aligned, so to speak with Richmond: which meant that when Werribee played Coburg in recent years it was Tigers v Tigers.)

Werribee went on to win the flag in 1993, defeating Port Melbourne in a fiery stoush. Goals were a bit harder to come by that day: 10.10 (70) to 4.4 (28).

1993 Werribee premiership player John Lamont is now coach of the Tigers.

Can anyone tell us if 36-17-233 is the Tigers’ highest score?


    • Not quite, Sir Nick. You may have seen those two name-plates in such a location but a recent transaction between custodians of scoreboard artefacts means they are now housed in a backyard north-west of here. Which means I’m now the custodian of ‘Mordialloc/St Kilda City’ and ‘Bentleigh/Clayton’. I was born in Mordialloc.

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