Crathern Park, Queensland

Photos by Michael Wearne.
Photos by Michael Wearne.

These photos are from the epic commissioned journey taken by photographer Michael Wearne on the orders of in 2012. Occasionally he emerges from his darkroom strides into the editorial suite and says: “Here’s some more of that scoreboard crap.”

Crathern Park is the home ground of the Centrals Trinity Beach Bulldogs who play in the AFL Cairns competition. The Bulldogs came about after Aloomba and Centrals merged in 1962. They’ve had a reasonably successful time of it though their last premiership was in 1997.

CrathernParkSmallHillWe’d love to know more about Crathern Park and the Bulldogs.

If you’re interested in Australian Rules football in Queensland you should seek out Murray Bird’s Athenians and Red Invincibles and have a look at

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