Katamatite, Victoria

KATAMATITEsmall1Words & photos by Wayde Petersen

I went for a drive recently and my battery got flat. After I got a jump start, I drove around the place to recharge the battery. I stopped off at Katamatite and I thought I’d take some photos for scoreboardpressure.com.


KATAMATITEsmal4Katamatite, the Tigers, currently play in the South Eastern division of the Picola Football League, they rejoined the PFL in 1995 after a long stint in the now defunct Tungamah league.

Katamatite’s premiership years were 1950 (Picola FL), 1979 (Tungamah FL), 1996 (Picola FL) and 2001 (Picola FL). Their last grand final appearance was in 2014, where they were trashed by the undefeated Tungamah.

The club was the home of Sam Wright (North Melbourne) and Tom Clurey (Port Adelaide).KATAMATITEsmal3


  1. This is a lesson to all. Driving around is good. Stopping, taking a photo of a scoreboard and sending it to scoreboardpressure.com makes driving around useful.

  2. It certainly was Les, I was a bit worried when I turned off the ignition, and parked the car, knowing that I’d be stuffed if I couldn’t get the car to start again.

    But, thankfully it was fine, and I was able to take some photos of Katamatite & Tungamah before heading off back home.

    Wayde Petersen.

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