Wanneroo Showgrounds, Western Australia


WE’RE not that keen on electronic scoreboards here at the Pressure HQ but you can’t stop progress. At the Wanneroo Showgrounds we found what could be called layers of scoreboard history. The old scoreboard is still there revealing that the light-hearted dig at the opposition – normally referred to as ‘Visitors’ – is an old Roo tradition. Club president Russell Burnett says OTHER MOB is a reflection of Wanneroo’s nickname Roos… mob of roos playing another mob. Russell also contributed two photos of the old board we’ve added to this post.


The Showgrounds are the home of the Wanneroo Amateur Football Club. It’s a big club these days with the top team in B-grade of the WAAFL as well as other senior and colts teams. The Roos have been part of the WAAFL since the mid 1980s.

WannerooSmallRoosThe new scoreboard does have an interesting feature – a countdown clock.  The players seemed to find it a bit distracting. As I was leaving I overheard a couple of supporters. “How long’s that new scoreboard been there?”

“Dunno, just a few weeks I think.”

“I kept looking over to the old board.”

“Me too.”

I’d watched a colts game between Wanneroo and Fremantle CBC. The ‘Other Mob’ got up by three points.

This is a really attractive footy ground, I’m glad I visited.


Photo by Russell Burnett.


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