Scoreboards and the Twitterverse

Here at Scoreboard Pressure we’re  not exactly quick off the mark with the modern world.

We can see the benefits of social media, and we wished we were a bit more savvy, but how many usernames and passwords and log-ins can one cope with? And what’s the etiquette of re-tweeting, liking and replying? And what’s a hashtag? And how do you follow conversations without disappearing up a garden path and then down a rabbit hole?

So we’re very grateful to the growing number of patient scoreboard fans who send pics through to our two Twitter accounts: scoreboardlife   and LesEverettFreo.  Keep ’em coming. You’ve given us a new lease of life.

We’ve got about 500 scoreboards on this website. Maybe one day we’ll have as many on Twitter. (By which time Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and Redit will all be old hat and life will be just one continuous loop of osmosis.)


Kilfinane, Ireland

Swansea, Tassie

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