Ballidu, Western Australia


It must be heartbreaking for some in a community when the decision is made to give up maintenance of the town’s main sporting facility. When the “new” oval at Ballidu came into existence in 1931 it made quite an impression.


Ballidu Football Ground

The new football ground having been thoroughly rolled presents a pleasing appearance, with its painted goal posts and well defined boundaries. When the dressing shed is transferred from the old to the new ground everything will be quite in order, for the first Association match on the 21st June.

There is an imposing entrance for motor vehicles and two other smaller entrances for those seeking entry on foot. The whole of the 40 acres is enclosed by a substantially erected wire netting fence.

(Toodyay Herald 29 May 1931)


In 1963 modern amenities rooms, in a simple elegant sixties form, were opened and things were looking pretty good.


Football has a long history in Ballidu and during the 1920s there was a Ballidu-Cadoux Football League and a Wongan-Ballidu League. Ballidu was part of the Dalwallinu & Districts Football Association for a long time and then from 1961 to 1993 played in the Mortlock Football League. Times were tough in the early 1990s but the Ballidu name got a revival in the form of a merger with Wongan Hills in 1996. It was the beginning of the end however for the “pleasing” football ground at Ballidu.

Wongan-Ballidu won the MFL premiership in 2016.

The scoreboard design is impressive, offering some protection from the elements depending on wind direction.



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